I just received the most amazing package from Nathan Ellis of Able Baker Fox / The Casket Lottery.

My praise for the ABF album online reached him, and he decided to very much complete my collection by sending the euro press, the tour press, and a f$!king test pressing! Not only that, but the most recent The Casket Lottery album and two EPs, and his debut solo release!

I’m just absolutely floored and very, very grateful!

special delivery!

NK (North Korea) ‘The Basement Tapes’ Vol. I & II

/300 random colored vinyl from Enjoy the Ride.

Not the most exciting color of the bunch, but it’s dope to have these tunes on 12 inches. Get it.

some of the greatest production I have ever heard. feeling it. 

I’m not gonna make a list. This is just my favorite album of the year.

Daylight ‘Jar’

/1000 purple

/1500 orange & pink 

Dredg ‘The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion’, 2009.

It’s been too long. 

got everything I had any interest in within a few minutes. in and out, all is well. happy hunting! #rsd #recordstoreday #vinyl #stonetemplepilots #failure #milesdavis #nirvana

John Mayer ‘Paradise Valley’, 2013.

It’s been a long delay, but I’m quite pleased with the pressing.

Cut by Chris Bellman, pressed at Pallas USA. 

First spin with my new Audio Technica AT120E cartridge. First impression: FANTASTIC. I’ve wanted this a long time.